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Hotels and Bed & breakfast

Hotels and Bed & breakfast

  • Hotel Toiletries

    Hotel toiletries available online in small or large quantities

  • Cosmetic Lines

    Cosmetic lines for hotels and spas. Soap, lotions, shampoo, mini toiletries, travel sets ... for world travelers. We are experts in hotel products since 1993.

  • Bathroom Amenities

    Bathroom Amenities for hotels, hotel chains, bed and breakfast available in stock in Belgium with rapid deliveries 

  • Hotel slippers

    Different types of Basic, Standard, Deluxe, H2O slippers or slippers for SPA. Merveyl has more then 25 years of experience

  • Hotel Accessories

    Room accessories such as Cloth Brush, Shoe puller, Bathrobes...

  • Bathroom Accessories

    A selection of premium bathroom accessories tailored specifically for hotels. We take pride in curating a range of products that enhance both functionality and style, ensuring your guests' comfort and satisfaction during their stay. Mirrors, bins, hairdryers and more.

  • Bedroom equipment

    Introducing our Room Amenities category - where functionality meets luxury for an exceptional stay. Enhance your hotel rooms with a carefully chosen selection of essentials designed to improve guest comfort and convenience.

    Discover the perfect balance between modern convenience and classic elegance with our electric kettles, water heaters, cookers and the famous Corby trouser press. Each item has been carefully selected to provide a seamless experience for your guests.

    Our electric kettles and water heaters allow your guests to enjoy a hot cup of their favourite beverage at any time, while the cookers add a touch of versatility for those who prefer to eat in their room. The inclusion of the Corby trouser press is testament to the attention to detail that goes into providing a neat and well-prepared environment.

    Enhance your guests' experience with the latest technology in bedroom equipment. Our collection not only meets the high demands of the modern traveller, but also adds a touch of sophistication to your hotel rooms. With a focus on quality and functionality, our interior furnishings are designed to exceed expectations.

    From the essentials to the luxuries, our room amenities category contains everything your guests need for a memorable stay. Explore our selection today and set your hotel apart with first-class amenities that will leave a lasting impression. Your guests deserve the best - give them an experience they won't forget.