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Amenity Lines

Amenity lines in boxes or pouches without any logo and available online  

Amenity Lines

  • Amenities in Kraft

    NEW bathroom accessories entirely plastic-free, packaged in brown kraft paper from responsible sources.  Cotton swabs, toothbrushs and combs are made of bamboo, a fast-growing grass that is known to be sustainable.  Cotton pads are 100% compostable material and their disposal causes no harm to the environment. The high quality shower cap, is lined with soft, waterproof PLA mix material, to keep hair perfectly dry in the bath or shower.

  • Generic in Sachet

    NEW the economical accessories packed in transparent pouch without any descriptions. You will find a set of 4 cotton swabs, a dental set with a toothbrush and toothpaste, a set of coton make-up removal pads, a vanity kit,  a shaving set including a razor and a tube of shaving cream. Courtesy accessories to be placed inside a display case ideal for bed&breakfast 

  • Bio-based Amenities

    The NEW accessories are completely plastic-free and wrapped in responsibly sourced cardboard or paper stone. The razors, toothbrushes and combs are made of PLA, a bioplastic that is known to be sustainable. The cotton make-up removal pads and earbuds are 100% compostable. The high-quality shower cap is made of corn starch to keep hair perfectly dry in the bath or shower.

    Each box contains a symbol to specify the nature of the products which ranges from cornstarch to PLA. 

  • Atelier Rebul

    Give your hotel guests the ultimate relaxing experience and immerse them in a mysterious world with our hotel range in the renowned ISTANBUL fragrance.