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- Hello, I am very interested in your products, but I would like to be able to smell your H2O line before I decide, can you send me some samples?

Merveyl offers you the samples because we believe that you have the right to try all the products at home before adopting them.

Please note that you will be asked to contribute to the postage and packaging costs.

- Hello, can you tell me how much the postage and packing fee is, in case of sample request?

In order to receive your samples, we ask you to make a transfer of 10€ using the following payment methods:

> For PayPal users, please use the following account: MERVEYL HOTEL SUPPLIES S.R.L.

> For bank transfers, please find below the information for transfers to:

Beneficiary of the Payment


Bank of the beneficiary: KBC Brussels

IBAN Code: BE94736033712214


- Hello, can you tell me how to proceed for a sample request?

You just have to send us the references of the products that are listed on the webshop:  Samples will be sent upon receipt of your payment.


- Hello, I would like to receive a quote for product customization. Can you tell me what information I need to provide in this case?

To ensure that our products are perfectly suited to your needs, please provide us with the following information:

1/ When browsing our website: , is there a model that suits you?

- If so, could you send us the reference?

- If not, what is your annual budget? What is the category of your establishment?

2/ Is one size of shoe sufficient? If yes, please tell us which one, following the model below:

Ex: Men's size ( - Ladies size ( - Children's size (

3/ What is the nominal content of the product?

Ex: 15ml - 20ml - 25ml - 30ml- 45ml or more?

4/ Do you want to customize the product?

(Note: a delivery time of 3 months is required for a customization with a minimum units per product - At a higher price, a customization in Europe is possible. Delivery times vary between 15 and 20 days).

5/ Please indicate the quantity of products that we can deliver in one shipment

(Note: The packaging of the products and the number of boxes per pallet varies according to the products. Our team at Merveyl will guide you with the packaging conditions in order to optimize the transport costs)

6/ What is the exact delivery address?

7/ Do you have any other information to give us?

Our sales team will answer you as soon as possible and will always direct you to the most suitable and accessible solution.

- Hello, can you tell me what printing technique is used for customization?

The printing technique used is silk-screen transfer. The printing is done on a special paper and transferred to the textile by heat. It allows an optimal printing.

- Hello, I would like to personalize shoe bags, can you advise me on the choice of bag?

 Please provide the following information:

- Can you provide us with the dimensions of the bag?

- Do you allow the dimensions to be slightly modified to obtain a standardized size?

- If customizing, what is the size of the logo? What is the number of colors?

- What closure system would you choose?

For your information, the densities used for non-woven bags are generally 120gr, 100gr or 80gr. If it is a black bag, we recommend a density of 80gr. The higher densities are generally proposed for white or ivory bags to hide the contents.